Name: Ace

Breed: Presa Canario Mastiff

Gender: Male

Color: Brindle

Age: 5

Weight: 99.40

Intake Date: Original 4/21/20 – I received him 4/26/2020 – New Foster will take him 4/29/2020 

Up To Date on shots?  If no, provide status. Yes – Next due April 2021

Spayed/Neutered?  If no, provide status.  No

Chipped?  List number and brand.  Yes  Home Again #985141001935715

Date and Brand of last heartworm preventative dose: None Yet

Special Needs:  No

Good with Cats? Unknown

Good with all dogs?  If no, explain. Appears to be but have not really had him around any

Good with all kids?  If no, explain. Unknown

Leash trained: Does well but will need some training

Training (received or will need): Will need basic – knows sit, stay, come, leave it, crate & listen well

Crate trained: Yes

Potty Trained: Will need some but does well so far

Medically cleared (by JGRI Medical)? If no, explain:  No – Needs to be neutered & neck needs to heal

Behaviorally cleared (by JGRI Medical)? If no, explain: Not yet

Food:   Racheal Ray’s Chicken & veggie. Also on 3 different meds for: neck, prostate infection, possible kennel cough, possible outside allergies

Needs Experienced adopter: No 

Foster Name: Nancy Mankowski  — Will be going to Susan Krumholz

Foster Location: Aurora, IL – Morton, IL

Any public visits:  Not yet

Please tell us about the personality of the dogHe is an absolute sweetheart,  loves to give kisses & cuddle, loves belly rubs & wants to always be near you. He likes being in his crate & he will sometimes go in his crate on his own to lay down or will just sit in it.  He is very smart & picks up on things quickly.  He does like to jump on counters or table if he smells something good but listens when you tell him no or down. He has not marked anywhere in the house but he did at the temp fosters house (I have been taking him outside often)

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