Name: James

Breed: Mastiff 

Gender: Male

Color: Fawn

Age: 10 years old

Weight: 155lbs

Intake Date: May 4, 2020

Up To Date on shots?  If no, provide status. Yes

Spayed/Neutered?  If no, provide status. Yes

Chipped?  List number and brand. No chip, waiting to receive in mail

Date and Brand of last heartworm preventative dose: Waiting to receive in mail

Special Needs: James will need a home with flooring with good traction such as carpet and very few stairs. He also struggles with separation anxiety. 

Good with Cats? Not sure

Good with all dogs?  If no, explain. Yes, but would do better with another older dog. Not too big into puppy energy. 

Good with all kids?  If no, explain. I believe he would be! He lets the neighborhood kids come up and pet him with no issue. 

Leash trained: Yes, he will pull every once in a while but for the most part will just walk right alongside you.

Training (received or will need): He comes when his name is called. He knows sit. He takes treats very gently. He also responds well when told no or down. 

Crate trained: No. Strongly dislikes the crate.

Potty Trained: Yes

Medically cleared (by JGRI Medical)? If no, explain: No

Behaviorally cleared (by JGRI Medical)? If no, explain: No, sending in behavior sheet today

Needs Experienced adopter: Yes

Foster Name: Alicia Fletcher

Foster Location: Wright City, MO

Any public visits: He has gone to the vet a few times now and is just a big love bug! Everyone there is obsessed with this gentle giant!

Please tell us about the personality of the dog: James is a velcro dog. He wants to be near you at all times. He is an absolute sweetheart who will just rest his head in your lap and sleep for hours. He loves cheese, naps and attention. He is a pretty easy going dog who just wants to cuddle up with you and sleep. 

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