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Owner Surrender Process

We understand that many are going through some tough economic times and that the needs of your pets may be a strain on the budget. Whenever possible, we ask owners to keep their dogs in their homes by asking your county government office or church for information on area food pantries who offer assistance with pet food. You can also speak with your vet’s office about temporarily doing only the necessary health maintenance care until finances improve. You can also find low cost spay and neuter facilities in your area.

Having behavioral issues and seeking to relinquish your pet? You may wish to contact an animal behaviorist or professional trainer. Often times, behavioral problems can be resolved with a little patience and training.

Found a stray? Please contact your local animal control agency so that the proper steps can be taken to locate the owner.

If you wish to surrender your giant breed dog to Just Giants Rescue, please follow the steps below to get the process started.

  1. Email JGRI at and request an owner surrender form.
  2. Complete the owner surrender form thoroughly and accurately. Submit the completed form to JGRI at along with 2-3 good photos of your dog.
  3. You will be contacted by the Intake Coordinator who will go over the surrender intake process with you and conduct a phone interview.
  4. Get copies of your dog’s medical records.
  5. Before your dog can be surrendered to us, we must have received the owner surrender form and the dogs medical records.
  6. Upon review of the proper paper work and interview with the Intake Coordinator, you will be notified as to whether or not JGRI is able to take your dog in and what the next steps are.
  7. JGRI is a 100% foster based rescue. The ability to take in owner surrender dogs is dependent upon open foster homes and prioritizing all the giant breed dogs that need our rescues help.